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About Us

Noesis is an unaffiliated cutting-edge provider of technology for the fields of online advertising and e-commerce. Extensive experience and a proven track record have quite clearly demonstrated the competitive edge which our products bring, and this is why we are the provider of choice for the largest Italian players in online publishing.

Our mission is to be the only company to provide products covering every aspect of programmatic management of inventory, exploiting the return on inventory to the maximum possible, whilst saving time and resources in inventory management. Knowing the field inside out means that we realize what our clients need. When we see a need, we develop the product. To this end, we already provide various combinations of our products to a range of extremely satisfied clients, the largest of which include RCS, Xaxis and Manzoni.
A whole range of different needs are satisfied by the Carousel Suite, the Polyhedron Suite, Iceberg and Good Buy.

Right now, we are particularly excited about the unexpected opportunities being opened up by the Polyhedron Suite . Find out why.