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Baseline Extras

Increased resource efficiency

Our clients to date have benefited from a great reduction in operations team workload and have been able to move costly people and time resources to other highly-productive activities. Although this was not part of the original rationale of our products, it has shown itself to be a welcome by-product, streamlining the workflow considerably at an operations level.


We all know that having reports and feedback on actually how our products are improving your performance is crucial to decision –making and strategic planning, not to mention being a useful tool in keeping your clients happy.
To this end, all our products come with extensive personalized real-time reporting systems, clear but detailed, keeping you informed about how well things are going, and enabling you to understand why, and how to make things even better.


A very well-received feature of our products is the alert system. It is an unfortunate fact that from time to time mistakes can occur when configuring a campaign, and can remain hidden until the damage becomes apparent. Our alert system eliminates this stressful and potentially costly possibility. Any errors in configuration are immediately and automatically signaled to the designated campaign manager via email, together with the diagnostic on what exactly the error is!


We pride ourselves on the fact that our products are extremely easy to integrate. They communicate with the other systems (Ad servers, DSPs, SSPs) via API. What this means is that you, the client, have practically no work to do. We do everything from our end. An added bonus of this is that integration is non-intrusive and in no way interferes with your current set-up. What is more, should you for some reason decide to stop using our products, there is no lock-in effect.


As if all of this was not more than enough, we also provide extensive email support.